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Sam Johnson

email: sam at this domain

Sam lives in El Cerrito.

Recent Projects

Chef automation

Operations Handoff Documents (aka Component Readmes)

This is an ongoing project to document each part of our system with an operations audience in mind.

I identified a need for an operations handoff document and wrote the first example readme. I coached and gave feedback to other developers as they were writing readmes for their components.

Readmes are the starting point for writing chef recipes, nagios checks, and emergency runbooks. Each readme includes everything you need to run and monitor a single component. They describe customer-facing components, back-end components, and 3rd party software used for internal infrastructure.

Readmes are based on a standard template which includes:

Centralized RRD-based graphing system for parking event detection software

A big monolithic Rails app

Languages / Frameworks


Software Development

Things I'd like to work on

Concepts / Architecture / Ideas

Some Software I'd like to work with

Other Interests